Breed Information
    Life Span:
12-14 Years
Weight, Adult Male:
70-80 lbs.  If NOT overweight
Weight, Adult Female:
60-70 lbs.  If not overweight or pregnant
Height, Male: 27 inches at the shoulder
Height, Female
25 inches at the shoulder
Do they require grooming?
Yes, as you can see from the Irish Setter above in the Header, Irish Setters can have a fair amount of coat and proper coat care will keep your Irish setter looking its best.  The coat should receive regular bathing and grooming which includes clipping, trimming, brushing and nail clipping. 
Do they shed? Yes
Good with Children?
Good with other pets?
Dogs are pack animals and enjoy the company of other dogs.  They should be introduced in neutral territory and supervised until you are Absolutely sure they will get along.
I find that Irish Setters and cats do well with if they were raised together from a young age.  If the cat is older, it may eventually get to like the Irish Setter.  Some cats may tolerate the dog and some may never get along.
Exercise Requirements                            
The Irish Setter is a high energy dog and needs a fair amount of exercise on a daily basis. They need to run and play and burn off some of their high energy.   They love to play ball and will retrieve the ball endlessly.   Some love the water and will play in the water.  A sufficient amount of daily exercise is paramount to raising a happy and well adjusted Irish Setter.  Irish Setters that don't get adequate exercise may exhibit behavioral problems.
Can they be housetrained??
Yes!  Consistency is key. 
Can they be trained?
Yes!  They are very smart and will learn quickly with consistency, love and firmness.

Fun-loving, affectionate, playful, mischievous, stubborn, independent, intelligent, loves to please, loves to be with you, strong hunting instinct, protective.  The Irish Setter is slow to mature both mentally and physically; many retain their merry Irish character into old age.




Main Health risks associated           
with the breed
Hip dysplasia, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Skin and food Allergies, bloat (GDV), epilepsy, HOD, cancer, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), megaesopogus, panosteitis



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