Recommended Supplies
Below are a list of supplies that are recommended for your Irish Setter



Wire Crate (42"X27"X30")
Crate pad
Stainless Steel Bowls for feeding 2 quart
Stainless Steel Flat-sided Pail for water in the crate
Leather leash 6 ft (I do not recommend Flexi Leash)
Adjustable Nylon Collar
Choke Collar for training and walking (NEVER LEAVE A CHOKE COLLAR
                                                               ON!!  USE ONLY FOR TRAINING
                                                               OR WALKING)
Hard Rubber Squeeky Toys - I do not recommend "stuffed toys" or toys filled with beans; they wont last 15 minutes
Pipe Dreams Bed (40"x 25")

Grooming Supplies
Irish Setters require regular grooming.  The following items
are recommended if you want to groom yourself.
Shampoo (I use Crown Royale Biovite OB Shampoo Formula 2)
Conditioner (I use Pantene)
Pin Brush
Metal comb with both fine and coarse teeth
Nail Clippers or Dremel
Mars stripper
Stripper - coarse and fine
35/10 thinning sheers
10" Scissors
Grooming table
Grooming Arm
Grooming Noose
Forced Air Dryer
Blow Dryer
Clippers with #10 blade
Grooming the Irish Setter DVD by Jodi Murphy
Bathing Tub



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